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Multisites for a many Brands


Definition of the common digital brands for the different brands of the Fluidra company: Zodiac, Astralpool and Ctx. It is a multisite that manages the product catalog of the Fluidra company. The design was carried out under the “Mobile first” concept. My role consisted of defining the different design patterns that had to coexist in the different sites. Creation of flowcharts for definition, wireframes for validation with the different “stakeholders” and subsequent final modeling applying the visual.



Visual Design

Astralpool icons

Mobile first

The different sites were developed under the “Mobile first” concept. This was the main focus of responsive design, it was taken into account both for the creation of the content and for the interaction of the different brands.

Multisites responsive


One of the most important challenges of the project was the definition of navigation through the very extensive catalog of products that the international company Fluidra has. The design had to be common for the three sites in addition to adapting perfectly to the behavior of the different devices.

Multisite digital branding. Optimization of the design process for a balance between design and functionality.

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